Play Minecraft for FREE on Private Server (#Minecraft/2016)

To play Minecraft for Free on Private Servers, First download the Minecraft Launcher below.

Minecraft Launcher (TeamExtreme)

Now, Extract and run the Launcher (Minecraft.TeamExtreme.Launcher.exe) – You can put it on your Desktop, or anywhere. But it has to be extracted so it can a) update itself and b) install minecraft. Use WinRAR to extract.

If you already own Minecraft you can select ‘Premium’ and use your Mojang Account and login. If you do not currently own Minecraft select ‘non-Premium’.

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Now to play on our very own Minecraft Server (MC.PLAYINGFORFREE.NET)

UPDATE: We are now running a Vanilla 1.11 Snapshot Server (not modded) and you can use the regular Minecraft to connect. Minecraft Server (MC.PLAYINGFORFREE.NET)

Use the following ModPack. If you just want to play vanilla singleplayer or a non-modded server. You have all you need to do so now as well.

Minecraft v1.9.4 ModPack (Includes Forge Build #1968,LiteLoader 1.9.4 Snapshot #17 and OptiFine HD Ultra Beta6)

Also the following Mods: advancedswords, armorplus, backpacks!, betterhud, bloodmoon, guidebook, hempfarmer, inventorysorter, voxelmap, progressiveautomation, roguelike, shadowmc, sleepingbag, weaponsplus

Instructions on installing the ModPack are contained in the ModPack Archive Comments. (Use WinRAR)


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